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Kayo Naruse found herself obsessed with jewelry (and fashion) from early childhood, having spent countless hours playing with her own mother's extensive jewelry collection and poring over her mother's fashion magazines. However, it was not until about seven years ago that Kayo found her calling. After finding that the jewelry within her budget was often poorly conceived, Kayo, then a starving law student, finally started designing and creating pieces for herself. She set out to learn the traditional craft of metalsmithing and wax carving from several notable area bench jewelers. Initially, the jewelry was simply a hobby - an outlet to temper her grueling corporate job as an attorney. But demand for the pieces soon followed. Thus, kayo:nyc was born. The sculptural kayo:nyc jewelry line features impeccably designed and hand-wrought artisan pieces in sterling silver, 14 kt and 18 kt gold, incorporating beautiful stones, and a healthy dose of glamour. Every piece is handcrafted in NYC by Kayo. Kayo:nyc jewelry is inspired by the mid-century modern design aesthetic, avant garde fashion, as well as architectural elements from around the world. Kayo also draws from her Japanese heritage, and favors clean simple lines to create a harmonious form. Her jewelry is at once, bold, intellectual, and sexy, a perfect complement for the modern cosmopolitan female.

Kayo:nyc jewelry is currently available at www.kayonyc.com, as well as selected fine boutiques in New York City and Los Angeles.

kayo:nyc jewelry inc.

General inquiries/orders: info@kayonyc.com

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Asia/UK sales and press- Lena Shirai: ww7yy7@hotmail.com


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